About Attorney Jason Keck

In 2001, I began practicing law and quickly matured into an acoomplished trial litigator all across the United States in municipal, state and federal courthouses.  After working for one of Kansas City's most prominent law firms for 13 years and garnering significant courtroom experience, I decided to start my own law practice with the goal of helping families and individuals with their personal legal needs.  My work as a trial attorney has allowed me to gain valuable experience in a number of different areas including personal injury, domestic/family law, estate and trust work, criminal/traffic, contract law, etc.  

I want to be your point of contact for all your legal needs and those of your family. People ask me all the time, "What kind of lawyer are you?"  I tell them that I am a litigator and trial lawyer.  Since opening my own law firm in 2013, I have been a solo practitioner and have also partnered with other premiere law firms whom I trust and respect to assist with certain diverse legal needs.  I tell people I am akin to a Primary Care Physician in the medical field.  If we need to call in a specialist to tackle some unique complex legal problem then I have those relationships already in place.  Even in those unique situations, I will be a part of the legal team all along the way. 

What sets me apart from others in my field is my unwavering passion to battle for you and your family.  I graduated at the top of my classes in both college and law school and don't accept mediocrity or complacency. I pride myself on work ethic and a more personal approach that I feel is lacking in our profession.  We will get to know one another personally and you will not just be a case file in our office.  

Besides being an attorney, I am first and foremost a child of God, father and active community member who has served and mentored young men and women for the past 25 plus years as a coach through the sport of wrestling.   As a Division I college athlete myself, I learned the importance of discipline, dedication, drive and being fully committing to a purpose while striving for daily excellence.  These are characteristics that have become engrained in me and what you will get in my representation of you as a client. Over the course of my legal career, I have triumphantly fought for the rights of everyday people and their businesses against some of the top legal teams in the country.  I am still a competitor and strive to get the best results possible for you.  If you need legal assistance please do not hesitate to call or email me.

Email: kecklawoffice@gmail.com

Phone: 816-863-7002